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Can I update my landline number that the bank holds for me?

If you are a private client you can update the landline telephone numbers that we hold for you.

  • Select Services
  • Select Contact Details

To update an existing number select one you wish to change and amend the details or select Add New and follow the steps below to add a new landline number

  • Select an International dialling code from the list, United Kingdom is at the top
  • Enter your telephone number including the area code without the first 0
  • Indicate whether this is your Home, Personal or Work number or select Other
  • Choose if you wish to set this number as the main landline telephone number that we should contact you on
  • Enter any additional information such as 'Cornwall cottage'
  • Select Next

To authorise the updates listed under the authorisation changes with your card and reader.

  • Select How to Authorise the Changes with Your Card and Reader to reveal the authorisation steps or select Authorise Later if you have further changes and wish to authorise the updates once all the changes have been made.

To authorise changes using AdamID ensure you have your AdamID enrolled mobile to hand:

  • Select Authorise with AdamID to authorise the change, enter the password you use to log in to Adam Online and a message will be sent your mobile device.  You will need to open the app to view the message.
  • Select Authorise on the message received. The change is now authorised and a message will be displayed on your desktop screen advising this.

The icon indicates that the changes are pending and have not yet been authorised or that a change to the contact information has been made and is being updated by the bank. We will notify you once the changes have been updated.

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