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What are the online charges?

In most cases, charges for making payments through Adam Online are at preferential rates and can be found below, other fees can be found in our Banking Services for Private Clients or Banking Services for Business Clients.

Transaction Type Private Client Fee Business Client Fee
Faster Payments Free 70p - immediate
25p - future dated
Inter Account Transfer Free Free
CHAPS Payment £20 £15
International Payment £20 £25
SEPA (from 21st Nov 2016) £5 £7
Payment Delivery Charge*

£3 USA

£9 Rest of World

£3 USA

£9 Rest of World

* If you are sending money anywhere in the EEA the only permitted charging option for that payment will be Shared Charges. Shared Charges means you pay for the charges levied by Adam & Company and the beneficiary pays any charges levied by the beneficiary bank for receipt of the funds (a Payment Delivery Charge). If the transaction is in a non member state currency or to be sent outside of the EEA then you may pay the Payment Delivery Charge to ensure the beneficiary receives the specific amount required.

Understanding our foreign exchange rates

When making transactions that involve foreign exchange in Adam Online, the exchange rate you receive is based on the following:

  • Adam & Company Treasury Services acts as the principal price maker for client transactions.
  • The foreign exchange rate is determined by reference to wholesale interbank quotes sourced from Reuters/Bloomberg quoted as bid/ask.
  • We incorporate a spread to the wholesale interbank quote, which is added to or subtracted from the exchange rate, depending on whether you are buying or selling the foreign currency. This spread is variable and is determined by a range of factors including the transaction type, size, currencies, prevailing market conditions and overall cost of undertaking the transaction.


Payments to Jordan

A payment purpose code is required for all payments made to/from Jordan. Download the Central Bank of Jordan payment purpose codes (PDF 456 KB)

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