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How do I log in to the mobile app?

To log in to the mobile service, download the Adam app from the App Store for Apple devices or Google Play for android devices. Search for Adam Mobile to find the app.

To log in to the app for the first time

  • Open the app
  • Enter your Username
  • Enter the Mobile Password you created at registration
  • Enter a device name
  • You will receive an Activation Code by SMS (for your first login only)
  • Enter the Activation Code which is only valid for 3 hours
  • Enter a 6 digit PIN that you will use with the mobile app and confirm the PIN
  • Enable Face ID, Touch ID or Fingerprint for Android if required, select OK

You will then be logged in.

If you do not receive the activation code, you should check that you have entered your mobile telephone number correctly when you registered. For further support, please contact the Adam Digital Helpdesk +44 (0) 131 278 0888
Alternatively go to in your browser and select Login to access the desktop service.

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