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I am trying to log in to the mobile app and receive the error message
"Login failed. Your login details do not match our records. Please re-enter your details correctly or contact the Digital Helpdesk for assistance."

If you enter the incorrect password too many times, your access to the mobile service will be disabled for your security. Log in to Adam Online

  • Select Personal Settings
  • Select Adam Mobile
  • Select Enable Adam Mobile
  • Select OK or select Send Links Again if you wish to go through the activation process

If you do not know your mobile password and wish to re-set it

  • Select Change Password
  • Enter Adam Mobile Password
  • Confirm Adam Mobile Password
  • Select Next

To authorise the change using your card and reader

  • Insert you card into the reader
  • Press Respond Respond button
  • Enter the card PIN
  • Press OK
  • Enter the Security Code shown on screen in to the reader
  • Press OK
  • Enter the Authorisation Number from the reader in to the screen
  • Select Authorise

If you are an AdamID user and have forgotten your Adam password, please follow I have forgotten my password for AdamID, what should I do?



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