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How will Confirmation of Payee change the way I make a payment?

When you set up a new payment, you will be asked to check that you are paying the right person or business (this is to help protect you from sending a payment to a fraudster that you’d intended to be sent to a genuine business). Please note, saved beneficiaries will not be named checked.

Once the beneficiary’s name has been entered, we will then confirm whether this has been successful or not: 

Payee confirmed – the beneficiary’s  name check has been successful​ and you can proceed with your payment.

 Confirmation of Payee Successful

Unconfirmed Payee Name – the beneficiary’s account name doesn’t match. This could be for various reasons such as a spelling mistake or the beneficiary’s bank not using Confirmation of Payee name checks. You should contact the recipient to check the details. Alternatively, you can choose to make the payment, but we may not be able to recover your money if it’s sent to the wrong account.

Confirmation of Payee Unsuccessful

 Unconfirmed payee name – spelling mistake. With this option we will suggest the correct name. 

Confirmation of Payee Incorrect Spelling

Incorrect account type – the type of account you’ve selected for the beneficiary may be wrong. Please check it and reselect before sending the payment. If you choose to proceed with the payment and it’s sent to the wrong account, you could be liable if we’re unable to recover the funds.

Confirmation of Payee Incorrect Type

Unconfirmed payee – we believe the account details are invalid (for example the account number doesn’t exist at the receiving bank) so are unable to make the payment. You should contact the recipient to check the details.

 Confirmation of Payee Unable to Process



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