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How do I create a standing order?

  • Select Payments and Transfers
  • Select Standing Orders.
  • Select New Standing Order
  • To create the standing order to an existing payee,
  • Select Payee Group and Payee
  • To create the standing order to a new payee
  • Select the Pay From account
  • Enter the Payee Name
  • Enter the Payee Sort Code
  • Enter the Payee Account Number
  • Enter the Amount
  • Select the Payment Method of Faster Payments if under £250K or CHAPS if over £250K
  • Enter the Payee Reference - this may help the payee identify the funds
  • Select the Frequency of the standing order
  • Select First Payment Date
  • Select the Validity of the standing order
  • Until further notice
  • After a Number of Payments - enter the number of payments
  • Until a Final Payment Date -enter date
  • Select Next.
  • Carefully check the details and select Confirm, or Next if this is the first time you are using these payee details as you will need to authorise the standing order

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